Road Trip to Adelaide

Road Trip

On our Road Trip from Ballarat in Victoria to Adelaide in South Australia, driving on the Western Highway, we found the Giant Koala.
Dadswells Bridge where the Gian Koala is located is about 150 km from Ballarat but since we had another 460km to go before we reach our destination, we did not spend too much time there.
Gian Koala

In the same area are cabins, a motel as well as a caravan park, should you want to stay overnight.

About 1.5 hour later we passed through Nhill, a small country town who won the award for the tidiest town in Victoria, in 2002.

Big4 Caravan Park, Adelaide Shores

Eventually got to Adelaide, where we camped for a week at the Big4 Adelaide Shores Caravan Park.

Our Road Trip Destination, The Big4 Adelaide Shores Caravan Park.

This caravan park was definitely one of the best ever camped at, good facilities that were kept clean and awesome play areas for the children and they have something for all age groups, we enjoyed our stay here.



Beautifull sunset, old years eve on the beach at Adelaide with great friends, it was a great explore moment.

O-Bahn Busway

What, we could not believe what we saw, the call it the “O-Bahn Busway“, where the bus driver is driving around Adelaide picking up passengers and then as part of the route drive onto this track where the driver doesn’t steer the bus anymore, it’s automatically guided by the rails. We had to experience it for ourselves and that was one of the moments in Adelaide where we realised the difference in approach between the different states in Australia.

The Big Rocking Horse

During our stay in Adelaide, we Explored the area, visited Glenelg at the beach from where you can take a tram into the city and drove to Torrens Valley Rd, Gumeracha where we found “The Big Rocking Horse“. The kids enjoyed the opportunity to climb to the top while we enjoyed a coffee in the cafe.
The Big Rocking Horse

Just in case you planned a trip to, well almost anywhere in the country, you could get an idea of the direction and distance by finding the destination on this pole. It does give you an appreciation for the size of Australia when Brisbane is 1550 km in one direction and Perth 2139 km in the other.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island which was discovered in 1802 by British explorer Mathew Flinders.
Kangaroo Island

All good things had to come to an end and after an eventful holiday, we said goodbye to friends and took on the western highway back home. That was the end of our Road Trip.

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