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Awesome places to visit, things to do and sites to see in Australia.

Keep an open mind, be flexible and explore this wonderful country, be sure not to miss the awesome places to visit in this beautiful part of the world.

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Awesome places to visit

Canberra is the Capital of Australia

Awesome places to visit. Australia, “down under” is a big country, from Tasmania in the South to Northern Territory and Western Australia to Queensland in the East but Canberra is the capital city of Australia, contrary to the belief of most non-Australians. When speaking to people outside of Australia there is an impression that Sydney is the Capital, which is not true, but I can understand where they come from, Sydney does feature a lot in the media and therefore assumptions are made. There was a big rivalry between Melbourne [Victoria] and Sydney [New South Wales] to be the capital but the final decision was to have the parliament in Canberra [ACT or Australian Capital Territory]. Nevertheless, there are so many awesome places to visit in Australia that we don’t really care about the capital that much. Places we recommend you do visit is Frase Island, the great barrier reef, great ocean road, twelve apostles, Sydney Harbour, the Grampians and many more that we will try to cover in future.

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Twelve Apostles
Whatever you do, think or plan, don't miss the Great Barrier Reef.

The Twelve Apostles and the great ocean road should also be very high on the agenda when travelling Australia.

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States & Territories

Northern Territory

Kakadu National Park
Kata Tjuta Park
Valley of the Winds

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Gold Coast
Great Barrier Reef
Fraser Island
Whitsunday Islands
Hamilton Island
The Twelve Apostles

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New South Whales

Sydney Harbour
The Blue Mountains
Bondi Beach

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Parliament House
Australian War Memorial
National Museum of Australia

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Events in Melbourne
Great Ocean Road
Grampians National Park
Great Otway National Park
Sovereign Hill

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South Bruny National Park
City Park, Launceston
Museum of Old and New Art

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South Australia

Barossa Valley
Coober Pedy
Coorong National Park

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Western Australia

The Twelve Apostles
Margaret River

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