Carnival Spirit Cruise

It was time for our Carnival Spirit Cruise to the Pacific Islands.

On our visit to New Caledonia, we opt for Cruising oppose to flying and what a pleasant trip it was on board the Carnival Spirit.

We boarded the ship in Sydney, after passing through the International terminal security. We were pleasantly surprised by the size of this ship which was expected in places like the Mediterranean but not for visiting the South Pacific Islands, it deems to show how popular cruising has become in this part of the world.

On this occasion, we have decided to pick a balcony room, which turned out to be a good choice, since there were 4 days at sea, and 3 days visiting islands.

There is heaps of entertainment on board this ship and it caters for all age groups including a few little hide away’s for those who just want to sit and relax with a nice beverage and a book, not to forget the gym for the more active traveller.
The designated adult area is a win for those who don’t have any children accompanying them on the trip, to just relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The Carnival Spirit has a general pool area for everyone to enjoy, which include a spa and enough chairs to soak up the sun so everyone is a winner. The water slide on the Carnival Spirit was a real bonus and could be enjoyed by both young and old, we had great fun with it.

In the evenings there was dancing, theatre as well as other shows at leisure, in my opinion, if you get bored on the ship – it’s your own fault.
Food on the ship varied depended on where you dined, which is expected, however, if you enjoy good food like us, you would definitely try out some of the more elegant restaurants on board the ship even though you would be out of pocket it is worth it.
We thoroughly enjoyed the cuisine and below are a few examples of what we found impressive.

Here are some of the meals we enjoyed during our Carnival Spirit Cruise.

Any Ratings is based on our experience and not any scientific measures at all.

Cruise sit back and relax, it’s “me” time. Cruising is a great way to relax

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