New Caledonia

On our Carnival cruise to New Caledonia, we visited three of the islands, Nouméa, Lifou and Isle of Pines. New Caledonia is a French territory comprising of dozens of islands in the South Pacific.
Although Grande Terre is the largest and principal island of New Caledonia, discovered and named by Captain Cook in 1774, as New Caledonia, we did not have the opportunity to visit it yet. A barrier reef surrounds the main island, Grand Terre, which is the major scuba-diving destination in this area. Grand Terre is without a doubt on the bucket list for the next visit. Nouméa is the capital and commercial hub in for this part of the world.

Leaving Sydney on board the Carnival Spirit was an amazing experience, soaking in the amazing views of the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Carnival cruise to New Caledonia
Onboard the Carnival Spirit, a huge cruise ship that doesn’t fit under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, what an amazing experience. You have to appreciate the size of the ship compared to these two amazing world-famous icons, it’s humbling.
Carnival cruise to New Caledonia

The Pacific Islands

Our first port of call was Nouméa, the capital and commercial hub of the South Pacific Islands. Although there are some interesting places to visit on this island it relates more to a city than an island in my opinion.

Second port visited was Lifou, what an awesome place, we were welcomed by the local people. The locals were dressed in traditional attire, they danced and sold local produce just off the beach.
Lifou is part of the Loyalty Islands Province, although densely populated it is a very beautiful and well-preserved island. Lifou is popular for snorkelling, swimming or just to enjoy the sun on the beach.

Last but definitely not least was the Isle of Pines, the most beautiful and best preserved of the three islands visited, if you asked me. In certain diving locations, a limited number of people were allowed to dive on each day. If you plan on taking advantage of this opportunity, remember that the excursion needed to be booked on the ship. No additional people were allowed to dive even if they offered cash on the spot, it was declined, absolutely amazing.

I have been asked whether I would recommend a Carnival cruise to New Caledonia, and it’s a yes from me. If you want to relax while having heaps of entertainment lined up, cruising is the place to be.

On board the Carnival Spirit is heaps of fun, check it out.

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