Lifo, was an experience, just off the ship onto the beach ready to get in the water, swimming and snorkling but wait there is more, just a short walk will take you to an area with lots of marine life, coral a real experience for the regular person, granted you did not forget your reef shoes.

This is one of the best people I met on the island, a man with integrity who is focused on the conservation of the area, only allowed a certain number of people into the diving spot, preserving the area for generations to come. What I have to noticed here was people offering him money to sneak in and he refused, a man that is proud of the island he calls home, well done.

Lifo is a producer of Vanilla for more than 150 years, the final product get’s exported and combined with tourism it accounts to the main revenue source for this area.

Look out in the shops for the Vanilla brand below, and know that you are supporting a community who is living a simple but rewarding life and produce this product with pride.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to visit the local Boutique, where the Vanilla tour will take you pass, it is a good way to support the local people on the island and would give you something to remember the experience in coming years.


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