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Our Travellers Guide addresses travel requirements which could be different for each individual traveller(s) travelling to specific destinations and it is the sole responsibility of the traveller(s) to take their own circumstances into account and to use this document as a guideline only.

We recommend considering the following items well ahead of your travel date and have enough time available to prepare in case any action needs to be taken.

      1. Passport:

        Ensure your passport is valid and have an expiry date of at least 6 months past the intended return date for each trip. Visit the official website of each country on your itinerary to familiarize yourself with specific requirements that might affect you and your family, obtain professional assistance if needed.

      2. Visas:

        Familiarize yourself with the visa requirements each country have for you and your family, requirements might differ for each traveller due to personal circumstance. Visit the official website of each country on your itinerary to familiarize yourself with specific travel requirements that might affect you and your family, obtain professional assistance if needed.

      3. Health:

        Medication needs to be declared and it would be wise to have copies of the prescription medication you would need for the duration of the trip as well as a letter from your doctor explaining your medical circumstance and the reason the specific medicine and dosage was prescribed. It is a good idea to discuss your travel plans with your doctor(s) and ask whether an additional prescription would be needed in case of an emergency.
        Visit the official website of each country on your itinerary to familiarize yourself with specific requirements related to your health, which might affect you and your family, obtain professional assistance if needed. This travellers guide doe not address every aspect and are only a guideline.

      4. Itinerary:

        It is important to leave a copy of your itinerary, passport, visas and any other required documents in a sealed envelope with a trusted friend or family member for the highly unlikely event where your documents get lost or stolen during your trip. Have a copy of your itinerary, bookings and required travel documents available for the duration of your trip, should it be required.

      5. Vaccinations:

        It is a requirement by most countries that a traveller proves adequate vaccinations/immunization before leaving or entering a country. A good resource for Australian travellers is the Australian Immunisation Handbook

      6. Smart Traveller Website:

        If you are an Australian resident it is a good idea to register your trip on the Smart Traveller website which has good resources and guidelines for all travellers regardless of whether you are a first time or experienced traveller.

      7. Travel Insurance:

        If you or your family incur any medical and associated costs in a foreign country, you would be personally liable for such costs which could be hundreds of thousands of dollars therefor we recommend full comprehensive travel insurance which would cover you and give you peace of mind to enjoy the holiday. Ps. Read the fine print and familiarise yourself with the PDS of the policy you choose to avoid any nasty surprises.

      8. Money:

        It would be a good idea to visit your bank and inform them of your travel plans so that they know where you might use your bank/credit cards and where not in case they are lost or stolen. Get a direct contact number to call if you need to and where possible give the bank a phone number you would use abroad. In some circumstances, you might want to consider giving a family member authorization over your account for the period abroad, so that they could negotiate with the bank on your behalf, should it be required. These arrangements will have to be made on a case by case basis and there is no one size fit’s all, every family is different and each party has to decide what would work and what not for their individual circumstances.

      9. Awareness:

        We live in times of uncertainty, where people don’t necessarily respect the way of life of one another and there are no guarantees of safety anywhere in this world but we cannot allow that to stop us from living the life we want to live although we could be more aware of our surroundings. We are responsible for our own safety and we could not be ignorant about it, be aware. Don’t trust a stranger by doing things you feel uncomfortable with, don’t take care of someone else’s luggage and don’t carry anything for another person onto an aeroplane, especially if it is a stranger or someone you suspect could be involved in unlawful activity, just don’t do it.

      10. Have your will in order, before you leave:

        We all believe and trust that nothing would happen to us and in most cases that is true however accidents do happen and according to the smart traveller website, almost 1000 Australians die overseas every year. The last thing we want, in the highly unlikely event, that something does happen with us, is for our relatives to have uncertainty about our last wishes, therefore we urge you if you are 18 years and older to get your will in order regardless of whether you are travelling abroad or not.

    More Items to be listed in future:


  1. We created a Trip Planner Sheet which you are welcome to use, as a guideline, when planning your next trip. Please be advised that this sheet is only a guideline on how to start your own Trip Planner Sheet. This Sheet is not the complete solution for all travel requirements. If you don’t agree to change this sheet to fit your own Specific requirements, Don’t Use It!

    We recommend you visit our site for any updates to this travellers guide when planning your next trip.


    This travellers guide does not cover every item that needs consideration or might be required, allowed, not-allowed without special arrangement or forbidden, etc. We created this guide to assist you in the process of creating your own checklist, tailored to your specific needs which would cater for the destination(s) you are travelling to and is by no means comprehensive enough to be used as a checklist by itself. Explore Moment is not responsible for any items missing or excluded from this list which might or might not be required for you or your family’s specific needs, regardless whether it is health, convenience or safety-related since this is only a guideline and by no means a fully comprehensive travel checklist. The most up to date version of this document would be the one on our website.
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