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Gold Coast, Beaches

GoldCoast Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast beaches like surfers paradise are world renowned and for a good reason.
The white sandy beach and the ocean with great surf, heaps of restaurants and entertainment close by makes Surfers Paradise, a great holiday destination.

This view from a room in the Hilton hotel, surfers paradise, during November was such a spoil. The weather was just stunning and if you love the beach lifestyle, this should rank high on your bucket list.

Surfers paradise view, from room in the Hilton hotel.

The beach at surfers paradise is really something to experience. It’s not only the sand and the surf but it’s the whole atmosphere of the place. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is a holiday destination you would love to come back to.
Surfers paradise, Gold Coast.

People here are very relaxed and don’t take life to serious, definitely not on weekends, when it’s play time. Surfers paradise could be your ideal holiday destination if you love a laid-back relaxing seaside holiday. There are lots to do, with theme parks, water sport and many other activities to enjoy. Movie World, Dream World, Sea World and Wet ‘n Wild are all within a 30-45min drive from surfers paradise, during usual traffic conditions. I think that if you get bored on the Gold Coast, it’s your own fault. The Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is big enough to cater for lots of activities.

Mantra Towers of Chevron
This view from the Mantra Towers of Chevron, during a previous stay, shows the uniqueness each room offers.
There are many great apartments and hotels to choose from, to make your stay a pleasant one.
See, here.

The Meter Maids, surfers paradise.

GoldCoast Surfers Paradise

A tradition which started in 1965 when parking meters were introduced on the Gold Coast. Girls in bikinis who put money in the parking meters. This was to prevent visitors from getting parking fines while enjoying the Gold Coast, hence called the meter maids. This tradition is still active today, in Surfers Paradise.

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The Commonwealth Games 2018

In 2018, the commonwealth games would be hosted on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. This would be the fourth time the Commonwealth games get hoasted in Australia. The first time this event was hosted in Australia was in Perth, Western Australia in 1962. In 1982 the Commonwealth Games was hosted in Brisbane and in 2006 in Melbourne. Hoasting such a significant event in your backyard indicate what the Gold Coast and Queensland have to offer. You can find great deals on flights and accommodation here.

We recommend you book early enough so that you still have a choice where to stay. Accommodation prices might be higher if booked closer to the date of the event. Don’t miss out on great deals by leaving it to late.
I had the opportunity to attend the Commonwealth Games in 2006, held in Melbourne. If you ever get the opportunity to attend an event like this, I would highly recommend it. The Commonwealth Games is not just another event, it’s huge and will be a lifetime memory. You might not get another chance.

For more information on the Commonwealth Games 2018, Read Here

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