How to plan a trip well

How to plan a trip well, something we hear people talk about more often.

There would always be different opinions on this topic, however, most people would agree that you have a much better chance of enjoying the holiday, you have in mind if you put more effort into the planning process. Other people believe that the best way to travel is to plan as little as possible or even no planning at all, just play it by ear, which could be very risky.

When you ask my opinion on how to plan a trip well, I would say, it depends. Planning trips should be approached on a case by case basis since people is different and destinations differ, personal circumstance would always play a big role.
If you are not an experienced traveller, you probably want to take a few more things into consideration, for instance:

  • Are you familiar with the area you intend travelling to?
  • Do you know people in that area or who have visited these areas, recently?
  • Consider whether taking an organised tour with a reputable travel company or a self-organised trip, would be best.
  • Is this area safe for you, or someone from your country or background etc. what precaution needs to be taken.
  • What type of accommodation do you plan on using, while on your trip?
  • The type of transportation you consider using.
  • Have you researched the area well, including warnings from local authorities and news articles?
  • What language challenges is awaiting you, do people speak english there?
  • Visa requirements.
  • A good resource to use as part of your research is the Smart Traveller website. We recommend using multiple, reputable, information sources to enable you to make the best decisions for you and your family.
  • Seasons, the weather as well as accommodation availability and prices during this period.

Other suggestions:

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