The Meter Maids, surfers paradise.

The Meter Maids, surfers paradise, saving holidaymakers from getting fined.

A tradition which started in 1965 when parking meters were introduced on the Gold Coast. Girls in bikinis walked the streets of surfers paradise putting money in expired parking meters to prevent the public from getting fined. This gesture ensured many visitors from all over Australia could enjoy the beautiful beaches, restaurants and environment without a rush. This tradition is still well alive at Surfers Paradise, on the Gold coast.

According to this placardĀ at surfers, it the dress code did not change much over the years.

GoldCoast Surfers Paradise

GoldCoast Surfers Paradise
This photo above was taken during our last trip to Surfers Paradise after permission was granted.
It is awesome to see such a tradition, which is self-funded, to exist for so many years.

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