Relax, it’s Dubai

You should not rush it,┬áRelax, it’s Dubai.

During our last trip to Europe, in March of this year, we decided to visit friends living in Dubai.

Most people might think of Dubai as just a big empty sandpit or relate to some buildings that featured in the media but there are so much more to enjoy than most people realise. The water lake in the picture below are man-made and every tree has irrigation. The amount of effort Dubai is going through to enhance the living conditions in the area is tremendous and the people of Dubai deserve the recognition for it. Well done Dubai.

Visiting Dubai
Dubai Desert

Relax, it’s Dubai.

Dubai is a destination to enjoy, explore and appreciate, it’s like no other, it’s very unique. It is important to stay hydrated, not to rush it, relax it’s Dubai.

Visiting Dubai
Relax in Dubai

It is important to take time to engage with the locals, to understand their culture even if it’s only while haggling when buying some goods at the souk. Haggling is almost expected in Dubai when purchasing anything from the souk, and although it might be confronting at first it becomes enjoyable later.

There are lots of hidden gems to be found but you will have to dig. Speak to locals, enquire about interesting sites to see and you would be amazed by what could be found in Dubai.

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