Sovereign Hill

When visiting Victoria it might be a great idea to take a trip to Ballarat and visit Sovereign Hill, it will help you appreciate the the history of Ballarat during the Gold Rush era (1855 – 1861), the sacrifices people made for the opportunity to strike it rich. You will also have the opportunity to learn about Eureka, attending the Blood on the cross show was an experience which gave us real insight in to the peoples perception and reaction to the harsh treatment and “unfair” taxes enforced by the authority of the day.

We explored the site and found this person pouring a bar of gold right in front of our eyes, the kids could actually ask questions which was well explained.

Some people was brave enough to go down the mine shaft to explore even more, although others rather enjoyed some baked goods from the local bakery.

You could even be “chauffeured” around if that is what you prefer.

I also found this Video of Sovereign Hill.

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