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The Explore Moment Travel Gear choices, for all our travel needs.

Travel requirements and habits differ between a business traveller, seasoned traveller or a regular traveller, the travel gear is no exception. It’s a good idea to keep your destination, weather conditions and planned activities in mind when considering suitable travel gear. I remember a trip we did a few years ago where all suitcases did not have wheels, it was an experience. Consequently, we place a much higher priority on which items we take on each trip. It’s true that in some cases you would prefer to travel light. In most cases, you need to take some luggage and it’s best to ensure you are comfortable travelling with it all.

If you’re like me, it would be important to get a good quality backpack like this Weatherproof Cascade 19 inch Backpack, from the luggage guy. Keeping my documents and electronic equipment dry on a trip is very important to me. On the other hand, if it is more important to make a good impression, a Leather Front Backpack might be a better option. I found this Men’s Leather Front Sling Backpack Satchel Shoulder Bag Chest Cycle Day Packs on eBay, which looks pretty special.

On a previous trip, I had to use some garbage bags to keep my clothes dry since the suitcase used was not water resistant enough. In my search for better luggage options, for visiting areas where rain is highly likely, I found this Timberland Twin Mountain 30 Inch Wheeled Duffle Bag from the luggage guy. On their website, the luggage guy state it’s “Water Resistant: Durable to protect against the wettest conditions”, which sounds great to me.

Although my trip is still a few months away, I am getting prepared. I want to ensure I make better choices, not taking unnecessary stuff on this particular trip.


Tell us what you see as necessities when planning a trip. This could be, destination or weather, specific or it might be something completely different. Let us know.

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