Visiting Dubai in 2018

Visiting Souk Al Bahar, Dubai
View from Souk Al Bahar, Dubai

By visiting Dubai you are visiting one of the worlds most impressive landmarks with both modern and historic artifacts.

As a traveller, you sometimes stumble across cities that are plain boring, Dubai is not one of those cities. Dubai is a diverse city with lots of interesting and very impressive attractions on offer to the curious traveller.
Visiting Dubai for the second time was a completely different experience from my first and totally unexpected. I did not have very high expectations this time since I had a stopover in Dubai before and I thought it was ok and would probably be like most other international cities, same old, same old, but I could not be more wrong.

During my previous visit, I did the normal touristy thing of getting on a hop on hop off bus to see “all” the amazing attractions Dubai has to offer. Although it was impressive to see what could be done in a desert, It was not like I could not wait to visit it again.

Burj Al Arab in Dubai
Burj Al Arab in Dubai

Exploring interesting sites in Dubai

On our last trip visiting Dubai, it was mid-March, the weather was changing from spring to summer and although we had the odd windy day to deal with, the weather conditions were mostly fine.
On arrival, we were picked up at the airport, since we were fortunate enough to visit friends living in Dubai. There was no need to get a taxi or to figure out how to get to our accommodation, which was highly appreciated especially after a 14-hour flight. Sorting out the different modes of transport in any foreign country could be challenging to say the least but it’s all part of the journey. What I really like about visiting Dubai is that the locals communicate in English which make finding your way around the city less stressful compared some European countries. Dubai is definitely one of the most modern cities in the world these days and if you love shopping there are lots of opportunities.

Aquarium in Dubai Shopping Centre

This Aquarium holds lots of interesting species like stingray, shark and many more. If you are interested in the sea life, there is a tube within the Aquarium to get closer to all these amazing creatures.

Aquarium in Dubai
Aquarium in Dubai Shopping Centre

The big difference between our latest visit and the previous one is that Dubai has developed much more, far above our expectation and we also had great local guides showing us around. It would really benefit most travellers to arrange a tour, by a local tour guide, to show you around and explain the history of Dubai on the way.

Travel by Abra, while visiting Dubai
Use an Abra to visit the textile souk.

During our visit, we travelled by car, abra, train as well as doing a lot of walking to get to all the awesome sites, from shopping at the souks to exploring the desert and having a meal at a few awesome restaurants. We actually had a meal at a restaurant opposite Burj Kalifa, experiencing a water fountain show.

The Water Fountain Show

We realised that there is much more to see and do in Dubai than what most “stop-over” travellers would ever experience. As the city of Dubai develops even further, there would undoubtedly be many more glamorous places to visit in the future and it deserves a visit every now and then.

Visiting Dubai
Shop in a hideaway ally in Dubai.

As part of your next trip, don’t just stop over but rather stay over for a few days and enjoy the awesome experiences Dubai have to offer. When you plan a trip to Dubai my recommendation would be to make sure you have enough time to visit all the attractions which interest you. Dubai is not a cheap place for travellers, but would most probably be a great experience, if you manage to get off the beaten track. We recommend you do thorough research on accommodation and cost of living expenses before booking your plane tickets to avoid bill shock. Plan your stay well and educate yourself on where to go, what to experience and how to get there before landing in Dubai. Your hotel might be able to recommend a few more cost-effective ways to get around, visiting Old Dubai and New Dubai. An experienced tour guide could enridge your visit and make it a more memorable experience.

Visiting Dubai
Beautiful buildings in Dubai

Data on your mobile phone could be costly and it would be wise to consider your options ahead of time. It might be a good idea to turn data roaming off until you have disabled all unnecessary services on your devices and know what the data charges would be. Most hotels would have free wifi to be used for planning and researching places to visit while in Dubai.

Trade between nearby Countries

I was amazed to see the amount of freight entering Dubai from nearby countries like India, China, USA, UK, Europe, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Oman, and Jordan.

Visiting Dubai, Trade Dock
Trade Dock

Rice, wheat, spices, vegetables, milk product like butter and other milk product, tea are imported from India. Dubai doesn’t produce agricultural products to serve their own needs, it all needs to be imported.

Visiting Dubai, International Trade.
Trade between Dubai and neighbouring countries.

Sites not to be missed while visiting Dubai

A few places not to miss are Burj Khalifa, the 163 story tower with a hight of 828 meters, which also qualifies as the worlds highest vertical building. This building has broken many records and when you’re close to it you will realise why.

Burj Khalifa, Visiting Dubai
Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Al Arab hotel which is the 3rd highest hotel in the world, textile souk to be found in the Bur Dubai
neighbourhood, in Old Dubai, last but not least is the Falcon Oasis in the desert [Al Qudra Lake] to name but a few.
Flying Emirates is a great way to get to Dubai, not only because it’s their local airline but definitely for the comfort and service onboard their fleet of aircraft. is also a great resource to use while travelling, it could make your travels more convenient and you might get great deals but remember, shop around to get the best value for your money.

Visiting Dubai, Visiting Souk Al Bahar in Dubai
Souk Al Bahar, Dubai

If you consider visiting Dubai, anytime in the future, do yourself a favour and make it happen.
Life is to short not to live your dream, it’s time to have an explore moment now.

Remember to be on the lookout for reliable transport, especially in summer times since the Desert could be a very unforgiving place to be stranded in. You definitely would not want to save a dime on transport by picking some old dodgy option, it might cost more than you have bargained for.

Visiting Dubai
The desert could be unforgiving when using the wrong transport.

If you need a drink or feed before you visit the Desert, this place is probably your last opportunity to do so.

Visiting Dubai, Last Exit to the Desert
Last Exit to the Desert
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